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Hi there, I am Mary Nell and I live in the Ozarks. I live on a farm which is my own little piece of Heaven. I love to craft, quilt and create. There is always something new going through my head that I see that I want to try to make or design. While quilting is a long standing tradition here it is something that I am fairly new at. I hope that on this blog you will find something that will spark your interest.and you too will want to sit down and make something for your loved ones. But once you do I can tell you that it can lead to a serious condition. There is no cure. Once you start it is something that you just can't stop...Enjoy!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Accidents

We all have those times when we are making something when it just doesn't turn out right.  We lay them aside and remake what ever it is so that it fits or it works into the scheme of things right.  Well don't throw away those blocks that are just not quite right or that strip that you made that didn't fit.  You never know when they will be Happy little accidents like this runner that I made. 
You never know how things will work out!  I know this is a fall piece and it has taken awhile to get it done.  But I think it is lovely and can't wait to display it on my table!  Add a strip on the back and it would be a really pretty wall hanging don't you think?   So the truth is if we just lay those things aside something someday will come into your head about what to do with with them.  That odd block with strips around it might become the start of a log cabin baby quilt..Or a pillow for just the right someone that you need a gift for.  What ever it is those Happy little accidents make us all happy in the end!  Create something special today. 

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