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Hi there, I am Mary Nell and I live in the Ozarks. I live on a farm which is my own little piece of Heaven. I love to craft, quilt and create. There is always something new going through my head that I see that I want to try to make or design. While quilting is a long standing tradition here it is something that I am fairly new at. I hope that on this blog you will find something that will spark your interest.and you too will want to sit down and make something for your loved ones. But once you do I can tell you that it can lead to a serious condition. There is no cure. Once you start it is something that you just can't stop...Enjoy!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Here is a the tutorial on the baskets that I promised!  Finally got it done. 

I have made my basket 8x10.  One of the things I like about this pattern is to be able to adjust it to any size that you want without all the math.  So the first thing you do is cut out your outer fabric, lining and batting all the same.  3 pieces of ea. 10" in length and 8" wide. and 2 pieces of each 8x8 these are your sides. 
Start with your longest pieces of outer fabric and pin it together with a like piece of batting.and quilt it
After you have quilted all your pieces you are ready to start assembling your basket.  Join all the long pieces together lengthwise.  as in the picture below.

then pin and quilt the smaller two pieces and join them to form a T
Now you are ready to form your box shape by sewing the sides together

When all four sides are sewn together you are done with the outer basket.  Easy just make sure you sew completely off the corners.  Like in the picture above.
Turn right side out and check all the seams to make sure that you have caught all the layers while sewing. 

 Press your seams to make them crisper..

Now it is time for the lining.

You assemble the lining in the exact same way that you made the basket.  starting with the three longest pieces and sew them together.  Add the two smaller ones to form your T-shape and the sew the sides together to form another box.

Once your lining is done insert it in the basket and pin around the top to secure it.
Cut a strip 3 in' wide and long enough to reach around the top of the basket for your binding.  I pin it around and then where it meets mark and cut it with enough for a seam and join it together in a circle by sewing on that mark.  Then re-pin around the top about a 1/2" down from the top of the outer fabric. Making sure that your corners all meet up together .  Sew it to the bag and the lining. 

Turn the bag wrong side out fold the binding fabric over the top and fold it so that it meets your front sewing line and resew from the lining side.

after you have sewn along this seam line turn your bag back out and make your handles.  with about a 8 to 9 inch strip 3" wide fold one side in towards the middle of the strip press and then fold the other side in to meet it. 

fold in half again and sew down along the outer edge and then on the folded edge.  Pin this to the side of the bag either across or having it arch upwards. 
on mine I have chosen to place it upwards on the bag. 
do this on both sides and then sew across the top with a straight stitch going over it a couple of time for strength and then I usually zig zag across the bottom of the handle again to give it strength and to finish it off.  you can turn them under if you like just make them a little longer.  And your basket is done!  Oh and a bonus is they are reversible!   I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do! 
and here are a few more that I have done. 


  1. Beautiful and I love it! Very nice tutorial, I have saved it to my PC :) ~Clara Z1

  2. Thank you for posting this tutorial Mary. Very clear instructions, and the pictures really help. I saved it to my favorites and can't wait to make one (or three or four....!). They look like a lot of fun to make, and, thanks to your instructions, I think I can do it! Robi

    1. Your so welcome Robi! Check back in often I have a few more things planned. Hopeful to get the up soon! I think you can do it too! If you have any problems just let me know and I will be glad to help!