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Hi there, I am Mary Nell and I live in the Ozarks. I live on a farm which is my own little piece of Heaven. I love to craft, quilt and create. There is always something new going through my head that I see that I want to try to make or design. While quilting is a long standing tradition here it is something that I am fairly new at. I hope that on this blog you will find something that will spark your interest.and you too will want to sit down and make something for your loved ones. But once you do I can tell you that it can lead to a serious condition. There is no cure. Once you start it is something that you just can't stop...Enjoy!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

So many scraps

I am trying to use as many scraps as possible.  But it really isn't possible..LOL  I find that I build something with my scraps and those scraps keep growing.  You know how that is if you quilt.  There will be that one color that you find you really need and have to cut into another piece and those pieces end up where?  IN your scraps.  So I don't think I will run out of projects any time to soon using those wonderful little pieces of material..Here is a picture of some of the projects I have been working on. 
Hope to have a tutorial for you all on the baskets so fun and fast to make and great storage.

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